The foundation is aimed at achieving the following future projects.
    • Providing scholarship to at least 30 female students of SS 1 to graduation in the field of Medicine from each of the 44 Local Governments of Kano State and two (2) other local Governments of Jigawa State.
    The above project provides the following benefits to the state and the nation at large as follows:
    – Balance in-equality in Gender
    – Provide Female medical personnel in the state which the state is lacking.
    – Boost and promote the Health Sector of the state
    – Provide more medical facilities (Human Resource) in the state
    – Create job opportunities which will reduce unemployment.
    – Reaching out to the Maguzawa (Pagan-Hausa communities) that live in some of the Local Government of the state by providing them with western and Islamic education as well as cottage hospital which will reduce misconception about Islam.
    – Advocating the beauty and tranquility of Islam.
    – Promoting peace as Islam proclaims it and stopping violence.
    – Reach out to other religion through inter religious seminars etc.
    – Assimilating of the Hausa Pagans (Maguzawa) into the Muslim society in order to foster the religion into them. This can be achieved by providing them with Islamic and western education as well as primary health care and economic empowerment within their locality.

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